Ready for the next easy-to-do, easy-to-understand illustration that shows the importance of praying in other tongues? Once again, I will give a brief, skeletal overview and set it up for you to personalize the illustration to become a powerful teaching tool.

The Importance of Praying in Other Tongues
Part 4 – Activate Spiritual Gifts

For this illustration, you will need a cell phone that initially is powered off.

Let me show you one of the most incredible devices that I own. (Show cell phone.) Did you know that the technology packed inside of this little phone is greater than all of the combined humongous computers that NASA used to send the first rockets into outer space? ( Why don’t you help me by telling me about some of apps and what they can do. (Walk around the room and solicit responses.)

While all of the apps that you listed are great, none of those will work on my cell phone. My cell phone can’t be used to play games, provide directions, or take pictures. Right now, it can do absolutely nothing. Why? Because, if you will notice, the cell phone is powered off. Even though there are apps on the phone, they cannot work until the cell phone is activated. Once it has been powered on, watch what suddenly becomes available. (Turn on the cell phone and then list some of the available apps.)

In writing a letter to the Christians in a city named Corinth, the apostle Paul wrote that God provides special spiritual gifts (apps) that enable Christians to know, say, and do powerful things for God. (1 Corinthians 12:4-11) To name just a few of these apps, Christians can tell the secrets of heaven, bring about unexplainable miracles, and put Satan in his place. But, let me let you in on some important information. Just as your cell phone has a power button (point to the power button) to activate its ability to do spectacular wonders, there is a power button provided to launch our spirit to work with the Holy Spirit to see these spiritual gifts manifest. What is it? Praying in our heavenly prayer language (in other tongues).

How do we know this? It happened at a church in Ephesus. When the Christians were baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to pray in other tongues, they began to speak heaven’s secrets (prophesy). (Acts 19:6). Make sure to notice. The gift launched after they were filled with God’s Holy Spirit and began to speak in their heavenly prayer language.

Can you see just how important it is to pray in other tongues? If you are ready to do much-needed, marvelous things for God, begin by turning your spirit on by praying every day with the Holy Spirit’s help. Turn on your spirit, connect with heaven, and then witness what God will do in and through you.