I have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER for today to get here. I can’t wait to share this illustration. Once again, I will give a brief, skeletal overview. Then, with the Holy Spirit’s help, you can personalize the illustration to become a powerful teaching tool.

The Importance of Praying in Other Tongues
Part 8 – Enjoy a Supernatural Communion

For this illustration, you will need a large strip of Velcro and a Bible.

For just a brief minute or two, I want to try to impress you. I am going to give you a highly technical description of a very common item and then ask you to tell me what I have described. Here goes …

Hook-and-loop fasteners, hook-and-pile fasteners or touch fasteners, consist of two components: typically, two lineal fabric strips which are attached to the opposing surfaces to be fastened. The first component features tiny hooks, the second features smaller loops.

Can anyone tell me what I described? (Give a few people an opportunity to respond.) The answer? In all honesty, with the help of Wikipedia, I have given a complex description of something that you probably use every day … Velcro. (Show and demonstrate using the Velcro.) When one strip of Velcro containing hundreds and hundreds of tiny hooks is pressed up against a strip of Velcro containing hundreds and hundreds of tiny loops, a strong connection is created. You already know this because most of you are wearing shoes right now that utilizes Velcro to secure the shoe on your foot. 

The reason that I brought this Velcro today wasn’t to show off my intelligence with the “smarty-pants” description. Instead, I know that this piece of Velcro could help to show one of the major reasons why I pray in other tongues. God’s Word (show Bible) teaches (1 Corinthians 14:2) that when we pray with our heavenly prayer language, two powerful things happen. First, we learn from the Bible that we are praying in a language that no other person can understand. It’s a heavenly language! Second, while those around you can’t understand this prayer, God does! It is truly supernatural praying. The Holy Spirit enables our mysterious prayer language to share intimate thoughts and feelings from our spirit (show one strip of Velcro) with our heavenly Father (show the other strip of Velcro) to create and enjoy a supernatural connection (connect the two together). The result of this heavenly connection (communion) will be powerful changes in our life and the lives of others. It’s no wonder why I love praying in other tongues.