I am so excited. After reading the previous three blog posts in this series, many of you have developed a new-found love and appreciation for Communion. Forever gone are the days of Communion being just a religious ritual or a “git ‘er done and over with” five-minute tradition in a church service. There is now an understanding that partaking of the juice and wafer opens the door for the paid-in-full redemptive work of Christ to be appropriated. Hallelujah!

While there is so much more that I could share about Communion, let me close with these two thoughts.

First, please don’t restrict Communion to just being a once-a-month, only-on-Sunday-morning celebration. I want to encourage you to do the “as often as you …” (1 Corinthians 11:26) often away from your church service. No where in the Scriptures do you read that Communion has to be celebrated in a particular location, administered by a particular person, on a particular day of the week. Communion is not day/time/location sensitive. It is HEART sensitive. I encourage you to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in your private prayer time with the Lord. In doing so, your time of prayer will never be the same again. You might also share Communion with your spouse or family or small group.

Secondly (and lastly), here is a suggestion for Pastors. With many of today’s churches streaming and also video and audio archiving their services, please make a conscious effort to encourage those watching and listening to participate in the Communion service. There are so many shut-ins watching your service each week on their computer or smart device. There are many, many others from all over the country who will watch and hear your service in the days to come. Include them in your Communion service. Look at the camera and specifically address those watching to pause the video/audio, go get a piece of bread or cracker or wafer and some juice, and then join in on acknowledging and appropriating the benefits of the broken body and shed blood of Christ. Create an opportunity and expectation for God’s wonder-working power to touch those who you rarely or might never see. With your powerful explanation/mini-teaching given in EACH Communion service, expect to hear reports from those actually sitting in your service and also those streaming your service telling you “Look what the Lord has done!” as they joined and participated in your Communion. (Pastors, I’ve never seen this done. Pastors act oblivious of those viewing their services. You’ll be a trend-setter. Write and share with me your testimonies.)

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