Knowing that not everyone sees every post published on my Billy Burns Ministries Facebook page, I decided a few weeks ago to share some of its highlights. First, a couple of weeks ago, I shared a few of the Holy Spirit Realities posts that are on the ministry Facebook page each Tuesday. Last week, I shared a few of the Benefits of Praying in Other Tongues posts which appear each Thursday.

This week, I want to share a few of the Billyisms that I have posted over the past few months. 

  • Don’t worry. The clothing of power promised by Jesus comes in your size! (Luke 24:49)
  • Instead of saying an “Amen” when vocalizing your agreement with the preacher next Sunday, affirm what the preacher says with a “Hot Diggity Dog”.
  • I call God’s anointing the “Campbell’s Soup Anointing” because it is “M’m! M’m! Good!”.
  • Exponential church growth happens when God’s exponential power is put on display.
  • The Book of Acts tells of an “explanation-needed” signs and wonders Church. When the Holy Spirit showed His presence, the signs made people wonder.
  • The Gospel is a Show & Tell message.
  • If you think that I am being too emotional in my praise, you evidently don’t know where Jesus brought me from or where I am going!

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