A couple of days ago, I took my gasoline powered blower and edger to a small engine repairman. Why? Because both outdoor power lawn machines weren’t working correctly. And, here’s the sad but true part of my story … (Vickie will tell you that this is the truth) when I try to fix things, they ALWAYS are in a worse condition after I work on them. Thankfully I am smart enough to know my limitations and extra smart enough to know that there are people who can do what I can’t do.

Based upon the previous paragraph, I am confident that you can see where I am heading with this blog post. Before Jesus returned to heaven, He told His followers that they needed a helper. He made it abundantly clear that there were many things that were beyond what they could do. Each and every one of His followers had limitations.  I am glad that the story didn’t end with that statement. Here was His remedy …

I will ask the Father, and he will give
you another Helper to be with you forever.”
John 14:16 (New Century Version)

The reason for this blog is simple. In fact, I can sum it up in two short questions. Have you recognized that you too have limitations? There are those reading this blog that have struggled and struggled some more on the same situation over and over again. Nothing that you do is fixing the problem. And, here’s the second question, are you smart enough to recognize the foolishness and/or insanity of not relying on the Helper to step in and help? You already know this but I will share this truth … the Holy Spirit is an expert in solving any and all of your problems.

I have written enough. Close the blog and call upon this Helper. He is ready and waiting 24/7/365.