Have you noticed that many people today are so into titles? So many claim to be or want to be a prophet or prophetess, apostle or epistle (is this the female form of apostle?), bishop or bishopess, … I’ll stop because I am confusing myself.

I’m not into titles (especially self-given titles). So, for me, I have come to this resolve. Whenever I get my next batch of business cards printed, I want to simply list my name, contact information, and the two words “Door Opener”. I don’t need any fancy schmancy title or position. Just give me the opportunity to open up the door for the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do, when He wants to do it and I will be one happy man. 

Here is the great thing about being a door opener. This engagement with the Holy Spirit isn’t limited to a particular day of the week (AKA Sunday) at a particular location (AKA a church service) with a particular group of people (AKA church-goers). Opening up the door and being available for Him to bring heaven to earth is a 24/7/365 any time, at any place, to any person privilege. At Walmart? Yep. While shopping (dodging the falling prices), door openers will boldly open up the door for Him to demonstrate His power. On morning or evening walks around the neighborhood? Yep and double yep! God will strategically place people in the door opener’s path that are waiting for a word that will set them free or bring life and healing. 

Oh … one more thing about this business card idea. Can you imagine the reactions and questions coming from those reading the business card? That in itself will open up the door for life-changing ministry.

Write me ([email protected]) to let me know what you think about being a door opener for the Holy Spirit.