I’m going to try something totally new in this blog post. For the first time in the 12+ year history of writing this blog, I am simply going to give the title, a brief explanation of the subject, the scripture reference, a set of four questions drawn from the scripture reference, and then leave it to the Holy Spirit to use these questions to make Himself known in your life in a fresh, new way.

TITLE: The Demystified Holy Spirit
BRIEF EXPLANATION OF THE SUBJECT: The 19:2 Déjà vu Epidemic has invaded much of today’s Church. The 19:2 refers to a situation found in Acts 19:2 that showed a group of Ephesian believers that were clueless about the Holy Spirit. Some 2,000 years later, it has happened again. Once again, believers all around the world are mystified about the Holy Spirit. Consequently, this lack of understanding is keeping Him from having a relationship with many of today’s believers.
1. The Holy Spirit showing up on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) wasn’t His idea. From your reading of John 14-16, what/who brought about the Holy Spirit being sent to the Church?

2. In our scripture reference, we read over and over again that Jesus showed that the Holy Spirit is not a mystical, unknowable force or entity. You will notice that Jesus constantly referred to the Holy Spirit using personal pronouns. Count how many times that He used these pronouns. Why would knowing that the Holy Spirit is a Person be important to your relationship with Him?

3. In reading through the passage, I am confident that you noticed that Jesus told us that having a relationship with the Holy Spirit would be to our advantage. The “He  shall …” and “He will …” shows that He will be constantly working in our behalf. From John 14-16, list these assignments. How are these assignments significant to you personally?

4. One final question. Can you think of a better time than right now to put an end to your personal 19:2 Déjà vu Epidemic? As of ______________ (put in today’s date), the Holy Spirit has been officially demystified. You now know Him to be the relational, knowable Sent One who has been assigned to be your personal 24/7/365 Helper. Now turn off the computer and begin a new-found relationship with Him right now.