It’s confession time …
Confession #1. My name is Billy Burns and I am a reader. I love to read and read some more and then read even more.
Confession #2. Probably like you, after I have read a book, I can only recall a small portion of the contents of the book. I know that you are thinking that I should highlight certain portions of the book and make notes in the side columns. Honestly, I do that. But, when you have a big library of books, it is a challenge to go through the books to search for a certain quote or thought. Confession #3. Several years ago, I found a solution for keeping these powerful quotes readily available. I created Excel spreadsheets to catalog these rich nuggets. For example, I created a spreadsheet that deals specifically with the subject of prayer. Now, every time that I discover a powerful quote about prayer, I add that quote, the name of the book, the author, and page number to that file. I have another spreadsheet concerning the Holy Spirit, another spreadsheet concerning the Word, another spreadsheet concerning … (Should I keep going?)
Confession #4. These spreadsheets enable me to look far more intelligent than I really am. The quotes wind up being used in my teachings, preachings, writings, and Facebook posts. (You can find a new quote post every Monday on my ministry Facebook page.

I shared a few of these powerful nuggets in a couple of blog posts last year. (May 20 & 27,2019) It’s time for me to share a few more. Help me to spread the word about this blog post and next week’s post. I trust that these nuggets will bless you!

“A Spirit-filled and praying Church produces an atmosphere in which it is easy for God to work and hard for the devil to interfere.” F.F. Bosworth – Christ the Healer

“The Holy Spirit is never on vacation.” Reinhard Bonnke – Godly Gems to Impact Your Life

“May God keep ‘Pentecost’ Pentecostal.” Donald Gee – After Pentecost

“The infilling with the Holy Ghost and the practice of praying in other tongues on a regular basis is the doorway to all the other benefits and spiritual equipment that are ours.” Kenneth E. Hagin – Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room

“The real reason the gifts of the Spirit are missing from the Church is because we have been satisfied without them.” Gordon Lindsay – Commissioned with Power

“It would be an insult to our Lord to say, or even tacitly imply, that we do not need such an experience as the baptism in the Spirit, and no less an insult to Him to be indifferent and unconcerned in relation to it.” P.C. Nelson – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

“I don’t care whether it upsets my doctrine or not, I’m going to stay with the Bible no matter who it separates me from or who it identifies me with.” John Osteen – Overcoming Hindrances to Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit 

“What would happen to us and to the needy world if we should get to the place where we really believed God?” Smith Wigglesworth – The Anointing of His Spirit