Last week, I shared eight powerful quotations from several of my spiritual heroes. I trust that these quotations were a blessing to you. Here are a few more of these quotations that I use in my teaching, preaching, and writings.

“Today some churches get by without too much Holy Spirit but replace Him with general attractions.” Reinhard Bonnke – Godly Gems to Impact Your Life

“God’s way is for the whole Church to be filled and kept filled with the same Holy Spirit which saved and healed those multitudes in New Testament times.” F.F. Bosworth – Christ the Healer

“The greatest proof of man’s neglect of the Holy Spirit in this hour is the lack of power in so many churches.” Williard Cantelon – The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Speaking with God in the Unknown Tongue

“If these rivers aren’t flowing, then we who have been laid hold upon by God to bring these waters to the world, are damming up the rivers instead of being the channels God has chosen us to be.” William Evans – The River Must Flow

“The ministry of Jesus during His earth life was localized by His humanity. Localized again in that His message was only given to Israel. But the descent of the Holy Ghost brought to the souls of men a UNIVERSAL ministry of Jesus to every man, right from the heart of God.” John G. Lake – John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith

“Without His presence, the believer is as devoid of power as is a dead locomotive with neither fuel, water nor steam.” P.C. Nelson – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit’s driving purpose is to bring Jesus Christ down from heaven to us!” Oral Roberts – Unleashing the Power of Praying in the Spirit

“The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God’s ‘I WILL’ to every seeker for full salvation for soul and body.” Dr. Lilian B. Yeomans – Healing from Heaven