Here is an honest-Billy reality. Every time that I write these posts, I wrestle with the thought that I am probably writing what I call Holy Spirit 101 truths. So simple. Perhaps too simple. But then, I always come back to the thought that I learned from Oral Roberts many years ago. When asked the question, “Brother Roberts, when are you going to quit preaching on Seed Faith?” His answer was simple and direct. He replied, “When you start living it.” With that in mind, Holy Spirit 101? Maybe. Lived out by today’s believers? Well … I think I’ll keep on being simple. 

In the last blog post, I began to share “Your Spiritual DNA Test Results Are In”. I shared that the test is 100% accurate and allows for a zero percent margin of error. The report’s results trace back in history to show how today’s Church (that’s you!) originated and became THE Church on the Day of Pentecost. And, taking it a step further, the results show what made the original members be THE Church. 

Today, I will pick up where I left off and share from the Book of Acts more findings of our spiritual DNA:

  1. The Church was connected. Believers met daily in the temple and from house to house. (Acts 2:46, Acts 5:42)
  2. The Holy Spirit wasn’t into playing hide ‘n go seek. Instead, He was in the see and hear business. (Acts 2:33)
  3. Sin wasn’t tolerated. (Acts 5:1-11)
  4. People knew that healing was readily available. (Acts 5:12,15-16)
  5. The Holy Spirit was a talker. (Acts 8:29, Acts 10:19, Acts 13:2, Acts 15:28)
  6. God’s supernatural power provided what was needed, when it was needed, for who it was needed. (Acts 3:1-7, Acts 5:12,16,19, Acts 9:33-41, Acts 16:25-26)
  7. The “way we’ve always done it” mentality was continually challenged. (Acts 3-4, Acts 10-11)
  8. The indwelling Holy Spirit produced bold believers. (Acts 4:13,31)
  9. The Holy Spirit nullified religious, societal, and racial barriers. (Acts 2:17-18,39, Acts 11:18, Acts 15:3)
  10. The Church knew the spirit of generosity. (Acts 2:44-46, Acts 4:34-37)

There are more details to share. Until next time … BE the Church!