Don’t you love hanging out with the Holy Spirit? For me, it’s in these times that He drops powerful thoughts into my spirit that I wind up meditating on for the next few days. I call these thoughts Holy Spirit Chewables.

I believe that these chewables are just too good to keep to myself. For the next couple of blog posts, I want to share several of these chewables with this purpose in mind. I’m asking that you don’t just quickly read them and then move on to your next task. Instead, I am asking that you consider these chewables to be your Holy Spirit daily multivitamin. During your daily devotion time, take one Holy Spirit Chewable and literally chew or meditate on it until it gets down inside of your spirit. Through these, I believe that you will find a newness and freshness in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Here are your spiritual multivitamins. 

  • If the infilling of the Holy Spirit could change a cowardly man named Peter (Luke 22:57-60) into a man who shouted his message to the masses (Acts 2:14), imagine what He will do for you!
  • The Holy Spirit is always up-to-date.
  • Words uttered with your understanding are not sufficient to express your thankfulness and love to God. Thank God for the language of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit can be only who you allow Him to be and do what you allow Him to do.
  • The Holy Spirit has seen your future and isn’t frightened at all. (John 16:13)

There’s more to come in the next blog post.