I trust these posts that share stories and quotations taken from my files are a blessing to you. Hopefully, you are adding these to your list of resources.

THE BACKGROUND: I have told myself that when (and if) I ever grow up, I want to be just like Reinhard Bonnke. Reinhard who? Reinhard (1940 – 2019) was a German-American Pentecostal evangelist, principally known for his gospel missions throughout Africa, a man who always spoke of “plundering hell to populate heaven”. After reading these quotations, you will quickly see why he is one of my all-time favorite heroes of the faith. 

NOTE: I have read so many of his books and watched so many of his sermons on YouTube that my Reinhard Bonnke file is quite large. There are just so many incredible quotations. I feel as though I would be robbing you to just share one blog post taken from this file. So, I’ll do something that I have never done before. This is the first of a two-part From My Files blog post.


  1. Without the Holy Spirit, even our success is failure.
  2. Today some churches get by without too much Holy Spirit but replace Him with general attractions.
  3. The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, yields Himself to those who yield themselves to Him.
  4. The Holy Spirit is never on vacation.
  5. The Holy Spirit is neither prayed down nor worked up but is a gift to take.

THE QUOTES SOURCE: These quotes are taken from Bonnke’s Godly Gems to Impact Your Life (Orlando, FL: Christ for All Nations, 2019).


  1. The baptism in the Spirit was not meant to be a single, emotional event recorded in believers’ diaries. It wraps around believers permanently. The Spirit is their environment, the air that they breathe moment by moment, providing the vitality of the Christian faith.
  2. It is the Holy Spirit in action making the Word of God happen.
  3. The Holy Spirit is God in action.
  4. There is no non-miracle Holy Spirit.
  5. To claim to possess the Holy Spirit and deny the very work that has always distinguished Him can only grieve Him.

THE QUOTES SOURCE: These quotes are taken from Bonnke’s Taking Action: Receiving and Operating in the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2012).