This is one of the rare times when you will find me at a loss for words. You see, the hero of my life, my Dad, passed from this life into his eternal reward. His absence has produced a hole in my heart that has me struggling to find words to describe the depth of my love and admiration for this man. At any other time, I could write pages and pages and even more pages about Dad. But today, I don’t know how to put into words an adequate tribute to a man who never stood behind a pulpit but preached sermon after sermon as those around watched Christ in him, a man who I am blessed to be able to call “my Dad”. 

So, please forgive me. In lieu of sitting here and staring at my computer screen for hours, I am going to share a slightly modified version of what I posted on Facebook. 

Yesterday, at the age of 95 1/2, Dad passed from this life and rejoined the love of his life in heaven. I don’t need to write a lot of details about Dad because many of our social media friends know him or have heard my sister Ruth or me speak about him. Godly. Loving. Generous. Funny. At times, mischievous. Always true to his word. An incredible husband to mom, an unbelievably great dad to Ruth and me, an indescribably wonderful pappaw to his five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, and the brother that everyone would want to his four sisters. When I served as a Children’s Pastor and would go out on campouts with our Royal Ranger ministry, invariably I would have dads come up to me to thank me for showing them in the campout what a great dad is like. I would always answer that all that I was doing was modeling what I saw my dad do throughout my life. He was my walking, on-the-ground example of what a Jesus-loving, Bible-reading, God-honoring husband, father, and pappaw should be like. Dad, Jesus is coming soon. I don’t believe that it will be long until we join you and mom. Maranatha (Come Lord Jesus)!