99% of my blog posts have to do with the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. You do know that, don’t you? Well, this post is one of those exceptions. It’s an update on some major changes in our lives. Recently, I wrote a post about my Dad passing at the end of July. I know that he was so ready to be with Jesus and rejoin Mom. We miss him dearly. With that in mind, here is the latest news … WE ARE MOVING BACK TO FLORIDA! After living in South Florida for 25 years, we moved to North Richland Hills (Fort Worth suburb), Texas in 2014 to help Mom and Dad. But, with them both now being in heaven, it’s time to return to Florida.

Let me share this about the move. The obvious thought for moving to Lakeland, Florida is to be with our three sons and their families. It will be so wonderful to live within minutes of all of the family events. But, another great benefit for living in Central Florida will be that we will once again be within a short driving distance of many Florida churches to minister our Holy Spirit Rallies and Ignite & Unite Conferences. To be transparent, here in Texas, we just aren’t known. Many of the pastors that we knew from our days of conducting Kid’s Crusades in the 1980s aren’t here any longer. So, we have had little entrance into Texas churches. But, in Florida, we believe that we will step into this season of ministry with open door after open door. After living in Florida for 25 years, we are known and appreciated by so many pastors and churches. It will be so wonderful to work together with the Holy Spirit all across Florida and neighboring states. Plus, while living in Lakeland, we will be within minutes of two major airports to fly to churches and conferences around the country. We will have Tampa to our west and Orlando to our east.

Besides sharing about the move, this post is written to ask for your prayers. We are dealing with many big unknowns. Here are five things that I am asking you to pray about. Pray that …

  •  When we put the house on the market on October 1st, it will sell quickly above the asking price (we have found that homes in Florida are far more expensive than in Texas),
  • We will have wisdom about how to move our belongings to Florida,
  • God will hide from the other buyers THE home that we have dreamed of (at this point, He is the only one who knows its location),
  • We will buy the right house at the right price, and
  • Supernatural favor will follow us through this whole transition.

Thank you in advance for standing in faith with us. Florida, here we come!