While walking one morning last week, I listened to a teaching by Kenneth E. Hagin in which he shared the following statement:

“There is a move of the Spirit that will be lost to this generation unless you teach them.”

Let me briefly share the significance of this powerful statement.

In 2014, Vickie and I resigned from a ministry position in a tremendous South Florida church to pursue a new direction of ministry. This change wasn’t anything that I had sought after. We were established in a church that we dearly loved and they in turn dearly loved us. We had been on staff for 25 great years. And yet, without question, I knew that I knew that this change was directed by the Holy Spirit. Our new assignment was to reintroduce the Holy Spirit to today’s church.

To be perfectly honest, this did a number on my peanut-sized brain. Reintroduce the Holy Spirit to Pentecostal/Charismatic churches? Really? After all, in my mind (and possibly yours), aren’t the words  Pentecostal/Charismatic synonymous with the words Holy Spirit? To me, this assignment was absolutely the most idiotic, unneeded thing that we could do. In fact, I argued with the Lord about this. Argued? Yes. Obeyed? Yes, in spite of my objections. It didn’t take too many weekends of traveling (maybe one or two?) before I saw that God’s directive for our lives was right on track. Churches and congregations need a TODAY outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

With that being said, let me refer back to the word given by the Lord to Brother Hagin – “There is a move of the Holy Spirit that will be lost to this generation”. What once was a New Testament normal, to many today has become a relic of the past. Lost? Oh, my yes. In our travels, I often have people come up to me after the Sunday Holy Spirit Rally to thank us for flowing with the Holy Spirit. Time after time, people will tell me that it has been many years since they have seen the working and gifts of the Spirit operate. They continue to report that hearing worshippers praising God in a heavenly prayer language is unheard of in their church. It is so evident that people are tired of lifeless, powerless, predictable, trend-driven Christianity. 

The reason for this post is to plead with you to join us in declaring that “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost”. Like you, I so want to hear Him speak and see Him demonstrate His presence in whatever manner He desires.  With you, I resolve that this move of the Spirit WILL NOT be lost to this generation. Without reservation, we (that means you and I) will live, preach, teach, and demonstrate that TODAY is His day. We can’t/won’t be satisfied with anything less than this. Holy Spirit, move and we will move with You!