Okay, I will fess up. Don’t ask me what the blog title means. Like you, I’m clueless. Is it googleable? (Is “googleable” a word?) I just know that years ago I heard a television evangelist use this term and I thought that it sounded kinda cool. Go ahead and admit that it piqued your curiosity.

Now that I have piqued your curiosity, I will take back that clueless statement. It might have to deal with innumerable masses of people. Does that sound plausible? 

Here is where the idea for the multiplicity of multitudeness (my spell check is having fits with this word) came from. In reading Acts, I noticed that when the Holy Spirit wasn’t constrained, exponential growth took place. (I believe that almost every reader right now is shouting a great big resounding affirmation of “YES!”.) This wasn’t just a single occurrence. Over and over again, it wasn’t denominational traditions or current trends that drew or impacted the multitudes. When the Holy Spirit-filled believers walked, talked, taught, preached, or better yet, just lived in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit flowed through them in miraculous, life-changing, crowd-drawing ways. It was definitely a multiplicity of multitudeness!

What I am about to type might upset a few people. (It’s okay. I’ll get over it.) Before I began typing this post, I had decided to list the references throughout Acts showing the multiplicity of multitudeness. But, I felt a check in my spirit when I began to type the third paragraph. Rather than providing the list, I am convinced that it would be far more profitable if you would use your Bible software program and search in Acts for the words “multitude”, “multitudes”, “multiplied”, and “many”. (I love using the New King James Version for this search.). In doing so, prepare to be amazed as you read these references.

Please don’t just brush off this assignment. I honestly believe that God has prompted me with this assignment. I know that reading and discovering each occurrence of the Holy Spirit-multiplicity of multitudeness will cause you to have a greater, more intense longing to be used by the Holy Spirit. It will remind you that it is “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” (Zechariah 4:6)  It is only by the Spirit of God!

The masses are waiting. Complete your assignment! Search, read, study, ponder, and respond!