If you follow our ministry on the Billy Burns Ministries Facebook page, you know that I often post quotations from men and women whose writing or preaching has impacted my life. These quotations about the Holy Spirit are taken from the writings or teachings/sermons of the likes of John Osteen, John Wesley, Norvel Hayes, Kenneth E. Hagin, Reinhard Bonnke, Oral Roberts, F.F. Bosworth, and Maria Woodworth-Etter. So, so powerful!

Today, while preparing several new posts to be published on Facebook in the next few weeks, I decided that it would be beneficial to share with you a few of the words and their source. I know that once you read them, you too will add them to your files. Enjoy.

  • “The greatest proof of man’s neglect of the Holy Spirit in this hour is the lack of power in so many churches.” (Willard Cantelon – The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Speaking with God in the Unknown Tongue)
  • “If you want to know how the Spirit acts now, just read how He did act when He had full possession of the Church. The Book of Acts is a blueprint by which the Holy Spirit wishes to work throughout His dispensation.” (F.F. Bosworth – Christ the Healer)
  • “When the power of the Holy Ghost is present, things will happen.” (Smith Wigglesworth – Faith that Prevails)
  • “The Holy Spirit’s driving purpose is to bring Jesus Christ down from heaven to us!” (Oral Roberts – Unleashing the Power of Praying in the Spirit)
  • “The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the doorway to God’s supernatural power.” (John Osteen – Overcoming Hindrances to Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit)
  • “The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God’s “I WILL” to every seeker for full salvation for soul and body.” (Lilian B. Yeomans – Healing from Heaven)
  • “It is the Holy Spirit in action making the Word of God happen.” (Reinhard Bonnke – Taking Action: Receiving and Operating in the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit)
  • “You will never unite the people with the doctrine, but you will with the glory.” (Donald Gee – In One Accord)
  • “If the holy Son of God needed the anointing of the Spirit for His ministry, what supreme folly to imagine that we can dispense with it!” (P.C. Nelson – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit)
  • “The real reason the gifts of the Spirit are missing from the church is because we have been satisfied without them.” (Gordon Lindsay – Commissioned with Power)
  • “The working of the Holy Ghost is the visible sign of the presence of Jesus.” (Maria Woodworth-Etter – Signs and Wonders)