If you have followed our ministry for any period of time, you have either heard me say or read in a blog post the words “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost.” No matter how many times the sentence has been said or written, it causes an enormous excitement within me. While I am thankful for the Holy Spirit’s work that we read about in the book of Acts and the outpourings throughout church history, these outpourings haven’t ended. TODAY is His day. I am convinced that there is a fresh 2023 TODAY outpouring.

TODAY. TODAY. TODAY. No matter your age, gender, denomination or lack thereof, God’s promise given in Joel 2:28-29 and later fulfilled beginning on the day of Pentecost is available TODAY to ALL. 

I’ve mentioned the promise, the beginning of the fulfillment, and the TODAY. But, what about your church? If you want the 2023 TODAY to become a 2023 HERE AND NOW reality, Vickie and I can become a part of seeing a powerful outpouring of God’s Spirit in your church in two ways.  


If your church is looking for a renewed passion for the ministry of the Holy Spirit, a Holy Spirit Rally is what you are looking for. Be it for just one Sunday morning service or multiple services, these rallies are seeing believers baptized in the Holy Spirit, God’s gifts ignited, and His power put on display. In these rallies, adults, youth, and children alike are seeing the fulfillment of the promised “upon all flesh”.


This is a reality – your children’s and youth ministry will never go where their leaders have never been.  This three-hour, four-session Saturday morning conference for children’s and youth ministry teams will unite the vision for a move of God’s Spirit and ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit. The workshops offered include The Dangers of the Status Quo * The Holy Spirit on Assignment * The 10 Commandments of the Supernatural * Flowing With the Spirit * Supernatural Worship * The Holy Spirit and Preschoolers. We conclude each conference with the ministry of the laying on of hands and personal ministry over each attendee. Also, this conference provides an excellent opportunity to bring together children and youth ministry teams from other churches in your city and area.

Consider this:
* I know that I know that I know that God is willing to pour out His Spirit TODAY upon you and your church.
* Vickie and I are willing to work together TODAY with the Holy Spirit in your church.
* There is God’s will, our will, and finally your will involved for a TODAY outpouring. Will 2023 be the year? Will you take the initiative to invite us to minister in your church? No church is too big or too small. My phone number is 561.827.9325. Or, you can email me at [email protected].

TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost. Will it be YOUR day?