This morning, it happened again just like it had happened the morning before and the morning before that morning and the morning before…you can see where I’m going. Perhaps I should share the whole picture. What I am writing about hasn’t just happened for the last few mornings. It is literally an every morning, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year happening. 

Here are the details about my reoccurring events. As is my custom, last night before going to bed, I placed my iPhone on a charger and then woke up this morning to discover that sometime during the night I had received a notification from Apple informing me that apps on my iPhone need to be updated. This morning, it was 19 apps, the previous morning 7 apps, the morning before that 6 apps…and on and on it goes. I know that you can identify with this. According to the companies that created the apps, these updates are needed to address current issues within the app and enable the app to perform more efficiently. Needless to say, downloading these vital updates is a part of my daily routine.

After reading about the iPhone app happenings, you are probably way ahead of me and know where I am going. This may or may not come as a startling revelation to you. Here is a reality. Each day, our spirit needs to receive an update from heaven to address its own set of unique-for-that-day, critical issues. Like the iPhone app issues, we may be aware of some of the obvious issues confronting us and ignorant of other issues that are operating behind the scene. These issues can’t be ignored. Their presence is too costly.

Here is some exciting news. Heaven is well aware of your unique issues. And that’s not all. Thankfully, through the Holy Spirit, heaven has made available daily, timely, much-needed updates to address and eliminate these issues.

How are these updates downloaded into our spirit? By praying in the Spirit (AKA praying in other tongues). Some 2,000 years ago, the apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 14 that praying in other tongues allowed his spirit to receive what was needed as it was needed (edification) and cleared the way for the Holy Spirit and his spirit to connect and address mysteries, things beyond his natural understanding. It’s of little wonder that Paul wrote “I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all.” (If Paul were a Texan, he’d have written “more than y’all”.) 

One more thing about these Holy Spirit updates. Just as with the iPhone apps, daily updates are required. Praying in the Spirit today will provide the update needed to address and mend today’s needs. Without exception, the next day will have its own new, fresh batch of critical issues that must receive an up-to-date download for that day. Thank God for daily, timely updates from heaven to keep us on track and powerfully operating in the plan of God.

Here’s my closing admonition. Quit reading, close this blog, and begin to pray in the Spirit. Today’s much-needed update is available and waiting for you right now.

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