Here’s a novel idea. I’m surprised that I haven’t done this before in the 15+ years of writing blog posts. For this post, I want to share what I call Holy Spirit tidbits and challenge you to ask the Holy Spirit to personalize and amplify these thoughts. Don’t be in a hurry. Meditate on each of these tidbits and then get ready for the Holy Spirit to “wow” you!

  • Acts 13:2 The Holy Spirit is the great Appointment Secretary. He knows those who should and should not be connected. Remember, just because they are good people doesn’t mean that they are supposed to work together.
  • Acts 20:22 The Holy Spirit can make the will of God undeniable. He is the great question mark eraser!
  • Exodus 31:3 The Holy Spirit isn’t a “clergy-only” facilitator. No job is too menial for the Holy Spirit. He will work in all trades and professions. He will make you a better, more creative workman.
  • Acts 2:1-4, Acts 10:44 The Spirit can never be confined to the conventional. Just when you have Him formularized, He launches the “suddenlies” and “unexpecteds”. (My spell-checker is having fits. The words “suddenlies” and “unexpecteds” are not in my dictionary but no other words convey the thought.) 
  • Acts 2 The convincing work of the Holy Spirit will turn those amused and mocking into those amazed and, best of all, converted.