Here’s a scenario with which you can probably identify. Over the years, I have read so, so, so many wonderful, powerful books. And, probably like you, much of what I read usually fades into nothingness (is that really a word?) within days after reading a book. Are you nodding your head that you’re like me? I know that I know that the teachings or stories in the books are God-breathed and need to continue to be a part of my life. But, try as I may, the teachings and truths are here today and gone tomorrow. As my grandma Burns used to tell me, “Billy John, my brain leaks”. Are you identifying with my situation? 

Don’t quit reading this post because I have the answer. Knowing that the truths shared in these books are just too rich to forget, years ago, I began to enter the quotes into an Excel spreadsheet. As you can see in the example shown in this blog’s header, these quotes are now alphabetized, organized, and easy to locate. Often, just before walking onto the platform to minister, the Holy Spirit will bring to my mind one of these quotations. Now, because of these files, the power nuggets are constantly available on my PC, iPad, and iPhone at any time, anywhere. 

Let me share this example. Last week, I purchased and read Kathryn Kuhlman’s amazing book A Glimpse into Glory. For those unfamiliar with this name, Kathryn Kuhlman traveled extensively between the 1940s and 1970s conducting crusades in which many of those attending received miraculous healings. In A Glimpse into Glory, I read these power nuggets.

* I have to believe that there is such a thing as speaking in other tongues because I believe the Bible.
* One cannot just take the Word of God and believe only that which is agreeable to them.
* For wherever you find the Holy Spirit, you’ll find action, you’ll find the supernatural manifestations of the mighty Third Person of the Trinity-including speaking in tongues.
* The one thing I am so afraid of is grieving the Holy Spirit by trying to share the glory.

Can you see the power found in these quotations? I knew that these incredible truths couldn’t be brain-leaking truths. So, as I discovered these thoughts in my reading last week, I entered them into my Excel document.  Now, these power nuggets are here to stay and continue to be a part of my walk in the Spirit.

I can stop writing. I believe that I have convinced you to create your own system and files. Do it. You’ll thank me later.