A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to teach a one-day seminar that I titled “The Holy Spirit in the Now”. As often happens while I am teaching, the Holy Spirit surprised me with something totally unexpected. While teaching what I had prepared, a sentence came out of my mouth that did a number on my brain. The words were “The Holy Spirit is the Spiritual Eye Dilater”. I knew instantly that this sentence didn’t originate with me. I was so taken aback that I repeated the sentence to let it sink into my spirit. It was in this sentence that the Holy Spirit was given a brand new name, one so simple and yet so powerful.

I am pretty sure that many of you have at one time or another been to either an optometrist or ophthalmologist to have your eyes examined. If so, you know that in preparing for the specialist to perform the needed examination, an assistant will first dilate the eyes and allow the drops to cause the pupils to enlarge and become more sensitive.

After reading the last paragraph, I probably don’t need to type another sentence (but you know me – I’ll keep typing). Combining the previous paragraph with “The Holy Spirit is the Spiritual Eye Dilater” has possibly caused you to know everything that I am about to share.

Got your Bible? Turn to Acts 10 and let’s look at an eye-opening (no pun intended), jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, barrier-breaking account of the dilation of spiritual eyes. Hang on, this will only take a few bullet-point insights to get you up on your feet and rejoicing.

  • The Father administered the dilating drops. The Holy Spirit fell! (Verse 44)
  • The dilating drops fell upon all. This wasn’t a one-person experience. Each and every person in Cornelius’s house was filled with the Holy Spirit. (Verse 44)
  • Immediately, the dilation (infilling) produced enlarged, receptive pupils (spirits). (Verse 46)
  • Their pupils became keenly conscious of and sensitive to Light (purposefully capitalized) and created previously unknown and unseen responses. They began to speak with other tongues and magnify God. (Verse 46)
  • This dilation brought an openness and sensitivity that defined and eliminated barriers, both imposed by themselves and others. (Verses 46-48 and Acts 11:1-18)

There’s a lot more that I could share from Acts 10, but it isn’t necessary today. I believe that I have accomplished my assignment. I am asking the Spiritual Eye Dilater to not allow this to be an Acts 10-only event. I want my spiritual eyes to be dilated today. I’m praying for an enlarged, sensitive, and receptive spirit, one open to experiencing things previously unknown and unseen, one that will defy boundaries and restrictions. Is this your prayer?