Back when Vickie and I started in the ministry (somewhere in or around 1492), carrying business cards was a prerequisite for evangelists. Do you remember those days? On it, we listed our ministry name, contact information, and the emphasis of our ministry. With the business card generally being only 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches, there wasn’t much room to add too many details about our ministry. Well, those days are long gone. Now, with the enablement of modern technology, those desiring our contact information will ask me to airdrop or email my contact information. Within a microsecond or two, pastors and church leaders have everything they would need to know about us.

The title of this post shares that the Holy Spirit has a problem. Can you even begin to imagine what size of business card the Holy Spirit would need to have to list His “specialties”? Just by reading the Book of Acts, you will find a long, long, long list of works in which He marvelously, wonderfully, amazingly, and abundantly excels. I guarantee that no 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches card could even begin to share all that He is the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best in His given earthly ministry assignment.

While I won’t list them all, here are just a few of “best ofs” that would be compiled on the Holy Spirit’s business card. The Holy Spirit is the great:

  • Teacher enabler. Acts1:2
  • Infallible proof launcher. Acts 1:3, Romans 8:11
  • Kingdom of God revealer. Acts 1:3, Luke 4:18
  • God’s promise fulfiller. Acts 1:4, Isaiah 44:3, Joel 2:28-29, Acts 2:16-18, Acts 2:33
  • Power supplier. Acts 1:8
  • Geological barrier and race restriction breaker. Acts 1:8
  • Mouth filler. Acts 1:16, Acts 4:25

We’ve way outdone the business card space restriction. But, there might be room at the back of the card and so I’ll continue. The Holy Spirit is the great:

  • Surprise provider. Acts 2:2, Acts 10:44
  • “All” business coverer. Acts 2:1-4
  •  Advertiser and attention drawer. Acts 2:6
  • Amazer. Acts 2:7
  • Glorifier. Acts 2:11
  • Transformer and equipper. Acts 2:14

Surely the printer has run out of room on the card. Perhaps if they would lower the font size, they could add these specialties. The Holy Spirit is the great:

  • Body stander upper. Acts 2:14
  • Playing field leveler. Acts 2:16-18
  • Convincer. Acts 2:37
  • Gift for the believer both young and old. Acts 2:39
  • Multitasker. Acts 2:41
  • Church grower. Acts 2:41,47
  • Signs and wonders provider. Acts 2:43
  • Uniter. Acts 2:44-47

I’m sorry, I confess that I just couldn’t stop. And, just think, the Holy Spirit’s expertise and abilities that I’ve listed are taken from only the first two chapters of Acts. There are 26 more chapters with many more specialties to add to the list.

So much for producing Holy Spirit business cards. That leaves it up to us to be the answer to His problem. Go ahead and daily share about the His greatness. The Holy Spirit can and will live up to all that we proclaim.