Floridians and those living in the states alongside the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean coastlines, here is a public service announcement. It is hurricane season and time to double-check the items on your storm preparation list. With the exception of food items, Vickie and I completed our preparation list a few weeks ago when we purchased a have-to-have biggie – an 11000-watt dual-fuel generator. For those having weathered previous hurricanes, you know the importance of having a generator to provide power to your house for the days following the hurricane should you lose electricity. Now, to the best of my knowledge, we are good to go!

Believe it or not, when I opened the generator’s packaging, I searched for and found the operating manual and read it in its entirety. Really? Yep. Isn’t that what you would do? To me, it wasn’t an option. It was and is a must-read. (I added the present word “is” because it is something to be referred to again and again.) I know this to be true. The information that was pertinent to its operation when this particular model was created several years ago is the information that will provide must-know information today and in the days/years to come. Historic? Yes. It was written long ago. Vital today? Yes. The repeatedly referred to manual will ensure that the generator will function and serve its intended purpose.

For those wondering what in the world this information about a generator and its manual have to do with the Holy Spirit, read the following three paragraphs and you’ll be thankful that you kept reading.

Paragraph #1. When the generator’s manual was created several years ago, the inventor and manufacturer knew the importance of providing every detail about its creation including listing the parts, every function, and every how-to and why-to needed to operate the machine.

Paragraph #2. Simply put, the Book of Acts is heaven’s operator’s manual for the Church and its Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, and Spirit-equipped believers. Consider these comparisons between the Book of Acts and the generator’s manual. Both are specifically written for their strategically designed, one-of-a-kind source of power. Both provide detailed descriptions of the intended purpose of their creations. Both share the placement and function of the key parts. Both tell of what is needed for the initial start-up of their creations. Both tell of the specific fuel and lubrication needed for its continued operation. Both tell of the necessary, systematic maintenance to ensure its productivity in the future.

Paragraph #3. The sole reason for sharing this post is to encourage us to pull out one more time…wait, no that’s not correct… to encourage the Church (that’s you and me) to pull out again and again and again the Book of Acts and read the Father’s essential instructions for the hour-to-hour, day-to-day operation of the Holy Spirit in and through us. NOTE – The continual reference to our operator’s manual will ensure that we know that THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT DOCUMENTED IN THE MANUAL MUST BE VITAL TO AND THROUGH TODAY’S CHURCH. No more needs to be said. Go read the manual again and again and again.