Anthill Kicking Anointing, Seriously? Yep. It’s in the Bible. For real? Double yep! You’ve never noticed it? I promise that it is there in plain sight as you read the four gospels and the Book of Acts

In order to explain this Anthill Kicking Anointing, I need to take you back to the days of my childhood when our yard was often filled with huge unwanted anthills. Call me crazy, but to me, it was pure dee old fun (forgive me for talkin’ southern) to find and then annihilate these anthills. I knew that one swift kick would totally disrupt the ant’s world and cause them to move on to someone else’s yard.

That explains the anthill kicking, but what about the anointing? Remember when I wrote earlier that this anointing is in plain sight? It really is. See if I’m not telling the truth. Each and every time that Jesus and later His Spirit-filled followers came across the tyranny and work of Satan, there was an anointing to disrupt and topple Satan’s plans. (Luke 4:18-19, Mark 16:20, Acts 17:6) The anointing of the Holy Spirit REFUSED to leave Satan’s anthills as they were. Each and every one under the oppression and bondage of the devil was delivered and God’s Kingdom was advanced.

Thank God for the Anthill Kicking Anointing that abides within Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, tongue-talking believers. (I’ve just described you!). As you walk through your yard (your daily life) and discover anthills (the work and attacks of Satan), get ready for some pure dee old joy (I thought that you could use a little more of me talkin’ southern). Big changes are about to happen to the anthills (the Holy Spirit through you will REFUSE to leave things as they are)! Limber up your kicking leg (your Holy Spirit-empowered spirit) and get ready to give a whopping, location-changing kick (destroy the works of the devil). You can rest assured that these unwanted pests (principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness) are about to “move to someone else’s backyard” (go back to the pit where they belong).

Enough said. Go do some kickin’!