How often have you heard individuals say, “When God is ready, He will ______”? Probably like you, I have heard this concerning salvation, divine healing, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It could come as “You know old Joe is a good man. He is kind and benevolent to his friends and family. When the good Lord is ready, I know that Joe will become a Christian”. Or, “Daisy Mae (she’s from the South) has been suffering from arthritis for so many years. It’s to the place that the joints in her hands are so riddled with pain that she can barely shuffle the cards when she is playing Old Maid with her grandchildren. But, we know that someday the Lord will heal her when He is ready.” Need I even give an example about the baptism in the Holy Spirit? You know that I can’t pass it up. “If God truly wants me to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, He will give this gift when He is good and ready.”

Here’s something that you don’t know about me. It gets my innards all stirred up (I’m talkin’ south Texas talk) when somebody plays the “when God will” card. Now, I’ve shown you that I’m not perfect. It really does a number on my brain!

Ready for this truth? Presently, God has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned statements. God has already done ALL that He is going to do about salvation, healing, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. (I know that I am probably kicking some religious sacred cows right now.) It has ALL been provided once and for all. The issue isn’t the GIVING, instead, it lies in the RECEIVING. Jesus isn’t going to hang upon the cross again for salvation. Salvation is available TODAY. Neither is He going to take stripes upon His body again for our healing. Divine healing is available TODAY. And, finally, He isn’t going to sit by the right hand of the Father as mentioned in Acts 2:33 and pour out the Holy Spirit again. Being baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues is available TODAY. The giving and provision is a done deal. It is a matter of our receiving.

For far too long, we have made what God intended to be simple into some religious, complicated, over-thought rigamarole. Anything received takes action on our part. As stated in the previous paragraph, God has offered everything that we need for our spirit, soul, and body, but we must receive the gift in order for it to be ours. The action of receiving turns the provision into possession. It is simply, “Jesus, today, I receive _____________ (put in the nature of your desire). Right now, I acknowledge that you have already provided just what I need. And so, based  upon the authority and integrity of your Word, I receive what you have provided and declare that it is mine.” Is it that simple? Yes. Isn’t this the way that you were born again? The same will hold true for God’s healing power to flow through your body, mind, and emotions. And, the same is true about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It really is just that simple.

If you are one of those who have been holding on for “when God is ready”, I am writing to let you know that His time has arrived. TODAY – not some distant, unspecific time on the calendar. TODAY (right now – this very minute) is your day of salvation. TODAY (right now – this very minute) is your day to enjoy God’s healing power. TODAY (right now – this very minute) is your day to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Receive TODAY!