Does this blog’s header bring back any childhood memories? That’s the exact kind of look that I would give my parents when I would hear words like…

  • “Just wait until your father comes home.” I always knew those words indicated that a trip to the bedroom was forthcoming and it wasn’t going to be a time that Dad and I would be talking politics. Yep, I knew that soon he’d be getting to the bottom (both intellectually and physically) of the problem.
  • “Clean your plate of food or we’ll put it in the refrigerator for when you are hungry.” On those extremely rare occasions when Mom would cook liver and onions, that plate could have been put in and out of the refrigerator for years and I’d never get to be that hungry.
  • “Do you think that money grows on trees?” Well, if it does, I’ve never located that tree.
  • “Do you think that we own the electric company?” Surely by now, we’ve made enough monthly payments that we must own our local electric companies and several nearby electric companies.
  • “When I was your age…” I won’t even go there. It’d be too funny.

Please tell me that I am not the only person who heard those sentences from your parents. Those are among my Top 10 sentences that I don’t want my children and now grandchildren to hear.

In this same kind of thinking, there’s one sentence that I wouldn’t want to hear from my heavenly Father. Here it is – “You have grieved the Holy Spirit”.That’s a biggie!  I could write paragraph after paragraph in response to that one sentence. But, for time and space restraints, I will reply to His one sentence with one sentence of my own. “My relationship with the One sent by the Father (my Comforter, Helper, Advocate, Standby, Intercessor, and Counselor) is too precious AND needed AND wanted AND personal AND intimate AND enjoyable AND treasured that I would never, never, never, never ever, ever, ever, ever want to say or think or do aaaannnnyyyytttthhhhiiiinnnngggg that could or would even come close to causing Him hurt, grief, uneasiness, sadness, anguish, or misery in any shape, form, or fashion.”

You do remember that I wrote that my response would be just one sentence, right? In my life’s history, I don’t believe that I have ever written a sentence containing 74 words. In my opinion, there should be a few extra points for the elongated “anything”. Believe it or not, my computer’s spellcheck had fits with “aaaannnnyyyytttthhhhiiiinnnngggg”.

My prayer for those reading this post is that we never hear God tell us that we have grieved His precious Holy Spirit. But should that ever happen, I’m ready to repent and give the 74-word sentence as my heartfelt cry.