Sometimes I embarrass myself because of the “101ness” of what I share, Don’t start shaking your head at the “101ness”. I’ve got enuf edjamakashun to know that you won’t find this word in your dictionary because “101ness” isn’t technically a word. 101ness refers to the basic of the basics, something so elementary that its simplicity might cause it to be ignored or overlooked.

Here is today’s 101ness thought. While preaching last Sunday, I quoted this portion of Luke 5:17 “…and the power of the Lord was present to heal them.” Later in the week, this thought (get ready for the 101ness) came to me. The ability “to” was and is contingent upon the “what”. Are you following me? Perhaps the New Testament For Everyone translation will show the 101ness that arose in my spirit. “…The power of the Lord was with Jesus, enabling him to heal.” The healing that we read about in this verse (the “to”) was enabled or brought about because of the presence of the power of the Lord (the “what”).

Can you see the reason for my embarrassment? Yes, I know that this is so, so, so simple. You will readily admit that we know this to be true. But, will you be honest enough to admit that this basic of the basics truth is ignored or overlooked? How often do we expect the “to” without the “what”? Would it be fair to admit that this happens too, too, too often? Come on, you and I both know that this is true. Now back to the 101ness. If we want the “to”, we must, must, must have the “what”.

I’ve written enough. I’ll stop typing so that we can address our newfound ouch factor.