January 2018

15 Jan A Ministry Revolution – Insight #2 – Resourcing for the Breakthrough

When Vickie and I left our position of being children's pastors some 3 1/2 years ago to travel full time and conduct our Ignite & Unite Conferences and Holy Spirit Rallies, a part of God's directive was for us to be a part of ushering in a move of God's Spirit in children and children's ministry. Recognizing that many in children's ministry have no idea on how to see this manifest, Vickie and I have been called to launch a revolution to change the way that things are done. Two weeks ago, I began a series of blog posts addressing how to bring about the needed changes. This week, we want to look at ...

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08 Jan A Ministry Revolution – Insight #1 – Strategic Ministry

In last week's blog post A Ministry Revolution - The Introduction, I shared about the urgency in my spirit to see a much-needed change in the way that children's ministry is being conducted today. If there is to be an outpouring of God's Spirit in our children and children's ministry, there has to be a change, or, to be bolder, a revolution in the way that we are doing things. I promised last week to begin a series of blog posts sharing insights for launching this revolution. Here is insight #1.If the truth be known, much of today's children ministry consists of leaders going online, finding a trendy curriculum, downloading the curriculum, assigning the various parts of the lesson to the volunteer staff, doing the series, and then four weeks later starting the process again with a new curriculum series. Am I right? To the overworked, time-pressured, resource-limited leader, this is a sure-fire way to quickly have a lesson for the service and effortlessly provide the auxiliary visuals and creative games. Here is the insight ...

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01 Jan A Ministry Revolution – The Introduction

My how children's ministry has changed during our 38 years of being involved in this ministry. For most children's ministries, long gone are the days of not having an abundance of curriculums, using embarrassing props and visuals, suffering with "backwoodsy" (I know that this isn't a word but you get the idea) music, apologizing for antiquated room ambiance, struggling with poorly trained volunteers and staff, and ...

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