18 Sep Explanation Is Needed

Some time ago, I had a pastor call and tell me of another church whose pastor had to explain to the congregation about a demonstration of the Holy Spirit's presence in the Sunday morning service. The pastor calling me thought that it was strange and unnecessary to explain about the workings of the Holy Spirit to a Spirit-filled congregation. Little did this pastor expect that I would side with the need for taking time in the service to explain what had transpired. Here is what I told this pastor. Explanation is always needed ...

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03 Apr The Samuels and Samuelettes Need You!

If you have been in the children's or student ministry for any length of time, you have probably heard comments from well-meaning people that minimize the importance of your ministry. You've heard the "it's just kids" or the "when are you going to get into the real ministry" or, even worse, instead of asking about spiritual results after your service, you hear the dreaded "Did you have fun today?". If we aren't careful, we can allow these comments to cause us to adopt what I call a "spiritual babysitter" mentality. Consequently, week after week, you just make it through a service until the parents come to retrieve their angels. While reading my devotions this morning in 1 Samuel, I was reminded of these important facts ...

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20 Feb Lay the Foundation

There is a popular t-shirt that I've seen numerous times since we have been back in Texas that says, "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could." Evidently, that is the truth. I read recently that some 350 to 400 people move from other states to Texas every single day of the year. All that one needs to believe these statistics is a drive around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Construction for new homes and apartment buildings is seen all over the metroplex. In some areas, all that you can see for miles is two-by-fours being hammered and bricks being laid. Here's a fact about every new building being constructed. Every construction crew knows the importance of first laying a solid foundation. The blueprints may call for multi-million dollar exterior and interior designs but none of this is possible without first building the forms and then pouring the cement. What you are about to read may seem too basic and totally unnecessary. But, believe me when I state that it is so, so needed. Here it is ...

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