If you have ever attended any of our Ignite Conferences, you have heard me talk about how I love to circle important events and days on my calendar. This week one of those red letter days is occurring. On Saturday, Vickie and I will be attending our son Michael’s graduation from Southeastern University. Michael is graduating with a degree in pastoral ministry and a minor in music. I will be doing my very best to hold back the tears of pride and try to refrain from shouting at the top of my lungs as he walks across the platform to receive his diploma.

I am proud of Michael in so many ways. Michael is a worshipper. He has a sensitive heart to the presence of God. You can see Michael leading worship at Southeastern by going to youtube.com and typing “thembx964” in the search engine. He has worked hard to pursue and prepare for the call of God upon his life. In fact, going to Southeastern has been a challenge in that he has had to pay his entire school bill. With some scholarships and a lot of hard work, Michael will be walking across the platform Saturday with his entire school bill paid. There aren’t too many college graduates that can make that claim.

The reason for this blog (in addition to bragging on Michael) is to testify of God’s faithfulness. In my 10 Reasons Why I am in Children’s Ministry & Don’t Plan to Quit teaching, I share in Point #10 that because of the Law of Sowing and Reaping, God is honor bound to take care of my children. For over 28 years, Vickie and I have loved on and ministered to tens of thousands of children. We have sowed into so many children’s lives. Now, we can expect God to sow into and provide for our children. Michael is living proof of God’s faithfulness!

Want to hear more about this? The 10 Reasons teaching is available on CD or downloadable at https://billyburns.com/.