Ladies, you can be so thankful that you didn’t marry me. During this time of the year, the true Billy Burns comes out. I HATE to shop. I don’t mind going into the store to get an item if we know exactly what we are going for. I can tolerate a quick in and out. But to look from store to store, floor to floor, department to department, display to display is simply more than I can “enjoy”.

It’s not just the shopping experience. I also struggle with the shopping expectation. To me, shopping produces a major pressure in requiring us to find THE perfect gift. It’s not enough just to go into a Hickory Farms store and buy a box of smoked sausage. It is as though that we have to have the gifts of the Spirit to help us to probe into the recipient’s mind to know exactly what they would like, what color and exact size, and what will generate a genuine heart-felt thanks.

Thankfully, after pushing shopping aside, I can enjoy Christmas. I really, really, really do love Christmas, just not the shopping part of it. I learned as a child that my love for Christmas comes in the Gift not the gifts.

Consider this. Heaven’s Gift is always the right size. Unlike my clothes, I can’t outgrow this Gift. This Gift is always perfect for any and every situation. The Gift isn’t seasonal or just for one time in my year or life. The Gift isn’t a passing fad. Unlike the Hula Hoop or the Pet Rock, this Gift won’t be the most wanted item for a few weeks and then found on the Deeply Reduced sale display table later.

Join with me. Let’s thank God for His great love and His perfect Gift, Jesus Christ.