Those wanting to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit must learn to create opportunities to be with Him. You see, relationships are birthed out of being together with the Holy Spirit. It is a time investment. Sadly, we often are just too busy. This busyness and the abundance of other priorities inevitably causes the longing to be in His presence and to have communion with Him to be pushed further and further down in our list of priorities. Eventually, the desire for intimacy fades away leaving us spiritually dry and empty.

Knowing that this isn’t your desire, allow me to share the three main ideologies to avoid in your pursuit for His presence. Each are equally dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.
1. You can have it all. We race through life, working and maneuvering to try to acquire everything on our “have-to-have-it” list. This pursuit to accumulate everything is a thief that will eventually leave you empty. King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 2:10,17 showed the futility of this way of thinking.
2. You can do it all. While we know that we really can’t do it all, our crowded, hectic schedules would prove that we think otherwise. And sadly, we push this misconception on to our children by engaging them in multiple activities (piano lessons AND soccer leagues AND junior Bible quiz) in addition to their eight-hour school day and the enormous amounts of homework. No wonder there isn’t any room for an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.
3. You deserve it all. This mentality will push a person to the limits (or rather, beyond the limits) to gain goals. While goal setting and having dreams are both important and biblical, the attitude of the heart reflected in these goals and dreams should always be Holy Spirit approved. This will prevent self-centered attitudes and behavior and promote a life-style of dependency upon the Holy Spirit and thus causing the longing to fellowship and commune with Him.

Intimacy is just a choice away. Choose to push all of these thieves aside and passionately pursue after Him. The end result will be a relationship that defy all description.