I’m so excited. I see a genuine hunger for a revival in children’s ministries. Children’s ministries leaders around the world are desiring a move of God in their children. They are so dissatisfied with seeing their children sitting week after week untouched by the Holy Spirit. These leaders are desperately longing to see Holy Ghost interruptions in their services that will radically impact their boys and girls.

Let me share a simple truth that will change longing into seeing. Here’s the truth … the Holy Spirit is far more desirous of moving among your children than you are. Did you get that? If the Holy Spirit had His way, the Book of Acts would be retold through the lives of each and every child in your ministry TODAY!

So, if this is true (and it is!), then what is the hold up? What needs to happen to activiate this move of God?

The answer is found in Genesis 1. In this chapter, we find that the Holy Spirit had been hovering (sitting patiently, idly) over chaos (does this describe your ministry?). “The earth was a shapeless, chaotic mass, with the Spirit of God brooding over the dark vapors.” Genesis 1:2 (The Living Bible). For ions, nothing had happened. Chaos prevailed. But notice when things changed. Upon HEARING a voice DECLARING the will of God, the Holy Spirit IMMEDIATELY changed His modus operandi and begin to move supernaturally. Within a nano-second of HEARING the Word of God, things changed.

Here is my challenge to you. If you truly long for a move of God, changes must be made. Too often, we talk about a move of God being off in the future. SOMEDAY or ONE DAY never comes. Instead, begin to use your VOICE and BOLDLY DECLARE that “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost. TODAY is the day for a mighty move of God’s Spirit. TODAY is the day for salvation, for healing, for deliverance, for … In THIS service, Holy Spirit, be Yourself. Move mightily, undeniably TODAY among our children.” Upon HEARING you SPEAK forth the Word of God, the Holy Spirit who has been sitting patiently, idly waiting will spring into action.

SPEAK God’s Word OUT LOUD so that HEARING is involved. Heaven will hear your voice and spring into action. You will hear your voice and faith will arise. Hell will hear your voice and begin to tremble. Continually DECLARE that “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost!” and as you do the thing that you have longed for will manifest before your eyes.