If you’ve been to any of our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, you have heard me tell of my Grandma Burns. She was one awesome lady. To be kind to you and considerate of your time, I won’t spend a great deal of the blog going on and on about what I love about her. In her 99 years here on earth … well, you can see why one blog can’t capture 99 years of stories.

Years ago, I heard her make this statement, “My brain leaks.” What Grandma Burns was saying was that she had seen so much, heard so much, and experienced so much that her brain had trouble remembering it all. Her memory was overloaded consequently, to use her words, “My brain leaks.”

Well, you don’t have to be 99-years-old to have a leaky brain. We all have trouble remembering things. It has nothing to do with age. It has everything to do with overload. We all go too fast doing too many things and … are you with me? Can you identify with having a leaky brain?

leaking brainFortunately, the Holy Spirit has been sent to help with this dilemma. In fact, He specializes in leaky brains. In John 14:26, Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit has been assigned to bring all things back to our memory. Probably like you, I can tell story after story about calling upon Him to come to my rescue and do a miracle on my leaky brain by reminding me of a particular piece of information. In each case, it wasn’t until I called upon His help did my answer come. He knew the information all along. But, it wasn’t until He was invited to get involved that He stepped into my dilemma and came to my aid.

Join me for a fifth time by standing to your feet. In this support group, let’s all acknowledge our dependence on Him. From years of experience, I know that He will sit back and watch us do things in our own strength and ability. But, upon hearing our cry of dependence, He will step in and begin to fulfill His heavenly assignment by joining together with, linking arm-in-arm with us to fulfill the plan of God. Today, let’s begin to acknowledge and vocalize our need for Him to be our heavenly memory. Let’s not ask Him to get involved as a last resort. Throughout our day let’s dialogue with Him and ask Him to interject His insight and knowledge. Let’s allow Him to speak to us and direct us. I guarantee that we will be spared a lot of wasted time and frustration. One more time, I will unashamedly declare that I need the Holy Spirit and want Him to be involved in each and every part of my life and day … especially in being my heavenly brain-leaking stopper!