Just a quick thought concerning seeing your children’s ministry flow in the supernatural … outside of the “givens” of your relationship with Jesus (prayer, time in the Word, etc.), do you have Holy Ghost “feeders”? By that I mean, are you feeding yourself with supplements that will fan the flames of your passion for a genuine move of God?

Consider these three “feeders” that will help keep you on track and motivated as you seek to lead your children into the realm of the Holy Spirit:

* Do you connect with at least one individual on a regular basis that is passionate for a move of God? It might just be a phone call a couple of times a week or getting together for a breakfast or cup of coffee occasionally. Connecting with someone that has the same heartbeat and passion is so, so important!

* Is there some form of media (TV, radio, CD) that stirs the longing inside of you for a move of God? I give oversight to children’s services/ministry for four services a week 52 weeks a year. Unless I am speaking at a conference, I’m rarely if ever in an adult service. While God speaks to me while I am ministering in the children’s services, I need to feed myself and be able to see and hear what God is doing. For me, there are certain ministries that I watch on television that takes me into the services and allows me to see the Holy Ghost at work.

* Are you reading books/magazine articles that stirs the longing inside of you for a move of God? Few people are readers any more. Because of so many things pulling for their time and attention, reading has been pushed aside. Many have given up on reading because of only being able to read a few pages or a chapter or two in one sitting. Others have abandoned reading because they’ve come to realize that after making time to read they aren’t able to remember what was read. Can you identify with that discouragement? So, rather than throwing aside this valuable passion builder, consider this suggestion for how I read a book. When I read, I don’t read to retain. By that I mean that I don’t try to absorb what I’m reading while I’m reading. I do this for two important reasons. First, due to tiredness or my mind being too scattered, many times what I’m reading just doesn’t stick. Secondly, reading to retain can make it too easy to get bogged down in a book thus causing me to be discouraged as my time restraints won’t allow me to slowly inch my way through a book. So, instead of reading to retain, I’ve learned to read to gain. As I read, I’m not reading to retain what I’m reading. I’m not in a “study” mode. As I read, I highlight things that are noteworthy and jump out at me. Then, after reading the entire book, I come back and absorb just the highlighted portions of the book. So, by highlighting as I read, I can finish the book and then gain the knowledge by just focusing on the highlighted area and absorb what God wants to teach me.