Several years ago, there was a series of special television programs entitled Breaking the Magicians’ Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed in which the secrets behind many magic tricks and illusions were explained. In these episodes, viewers could finally learn how that a lady was cut in half with a buzz saw and then restored or how a caged tiger was instantly replaced with two or three ladies or how a chained, handcuffed magician submerged in a tank of water escaped. Needless to say, these programs caused quite an uproar from professional magicians. Exposing their behind-the-scene secrets limited their ability to fool their audiences.

This week, allow me to share a behind-the-scene “secret” for what happens when a Holy Ghost filled children’s ministry worker walks into a classroom filled with boys and girls. Ready? You won’t find this secret on a national television program. But, it is readily seen in the Word.

The “secret” is revealed in Mark 5 and Luke 8 in the account of the deliverance of the demoniac of Gadara. In reading this story, we learn that the demonic powers saw Jesus “a far off”. In other words, they knew when Someone with power was invading their territory. They were on the lookout for any threat to their activity. Notice this. When they saw a far off the Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered Son of God, they instantly reacted. Their panic caused them to respond. They knew that things were about to change.

When a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered teacher walks into a room, all of hell takes notice. They see you coming. They have been fearing the time when they would come in contact with you. They know that their business is about to be relocated (as seen in the demons fleeing into the pigs in the Gospel’s account of the demonized man). As soon as your feet enter into the classroom, demons and Satanic imps throughout all of hell begin posting notices on their Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts are quickly opened as tweets are flying stating “Oh no. He’s back! What are we going to do? Where can we go?” As a/the Son of God who is filled with the Spirit of God (I’ve just described Jesus … and YOU) walks into Satan’s domain, panic will ring throughout the corridors of hell!

Doesn’t that excite you? Let’s begin to see what hell sees. Let’s recognize that Satan’s imps and demons know who you are. They tremble in fear as they anticipate what will happen as you work together with the Holy Spirit. Let’s walk in that knowledge and boldness and dare to do exploits for His Kingdom. Let’s do it. Let’s walk into the classroom to raze (I know exactly how I spelled the word … RAZE … which means to destroy, demolish, annihilate) hell.