This weekend’s services were powerful as we taught “Why Sit We Here ‘Til We Die”. It was one of those types of weekends where the Holy Spirit spoke not only to the individual children but also the direction of our children’s ministry. Using 2 Kings 6 as the foundation for the teaching, we saw that these lepers knew that if they continued to sit where they were and continued doing what they were doing, they would continue to receive the same results that they were presently experiencing. They recognized the importance of getting up from where they were and beginning to do something!

The final object lesson of the message dealt with eliminating all of our excuses. Excuses cause us to keep on doing what we are doing.

Some boys and girls might try to say:
1. “But, God, I was only a child.” God will answer back, “But what about my using a little boy named David to kill Goliath? He offered no excuse for his age!”
2. “But, God, I didn’t know what to say or do.” God will answer back, “But I spoke to a little boy named Samuel and told him what to tell the prophet Eli. I spoke to him. I could have spoken to you.”
3. “But, God, I was too busy.” God will answer back, “But I used a young slave girl who was very, very busy with all of her duties to speak to Namaan. Her actions caused Namaan to go to a man of God named Elijah and receive his healing from leprosy.”
4. “But, God, I don’t have much to give.” God will answer back, “I used a lunch from one little boy to feed over 5,000 people. One boy’s lunch was what I needed to help many, many people.”

From this, we can see that our children are NOT too young. They CAN hear God’s voice. They ARE sensitive to God-given ministry opportunities. They DO have what is needed to flow with the Holy Ghost. There is absolutely NO excuse why our children and our children’s ministry can’t be SUPERNATURAL!

In wrapping up the service, I heard in my spirit the phrase, “2012, the year of NO excuses”. This will be my mantra this year. NO EXCUSES! Throughout the year, service after service, I will declare this, teach this, and expect this. In our services I will give the children opportunity to testify about what happened after they eliminated their excuses and began flow with the Holy Ghost.

Will you join me? If TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost (and it is), then let’s facilitate His working through our children. Then, to quote T.D. Jakes, “Get ready, get ready, get ready!”