Can children be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Yes. YEs. YES!!! Should children be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Yes. YEs. YES!!!

A few months ago, I had a mother stop me to ask a question. She said, “Pastor Billy, can a seven-year-old be filled with the Spirit?” My answer was a resounding, “Yes!” She then began to tell me that a few days earlier, upon returning home from a difficult day at work, her son noticed her fatigue and asked her about what was troubling her. She told him that things were difficult. Being a single mom struggling with the problems associated with life was difficult to hide. The little boy then asked his mother if he could pray for her. The mother told me that she consented to allow him to pray and expected a cute little kiddie prayer. To her surprise, her son began to pray in other tongues. Her son praying in a heavenly prayer language? You can only imagine her amazement. Her amazement brought her to seek me for an assurance that this was biblical and acceptable.

A few weeks later, the same mother stopped me after one of our Sunday services to give me an update. A few days after our conversation her son stopped her again and asked to pray for her. This time, the little boy began to pray in other tongues and then looked at his mother and told her, “Mom, here is what the Holy Ghost wants to tell you.” In other words, he spoke in tongues and then gave the interpretation to his mom.

Again I ask, can children be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Yes. YEs. YES!!! Should children be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Yes. YEs. YES!!! Let’s make this the norm and not the exception. May our prayer be that EVERY boy and girl in our ministry have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and powerfully flow together with Him!