Have you stopped to think about the DNA of a New Testament children’s ministry? As you read through the Book of Acts, you see the distinct characteristics of the newly birthed Church. While religious organizations abounded during this time and synagogues and temples were plentiful, the distinct, inherent “gene” birthed in the Upper Room became undeniable in the Church and its lineage. And, that same unique “difference” is in you!

Sadly, today too many of what should be Book of Acts ministries are hiding this “distinctness”. In many Pentecostal/Charismatic children’s ministries, leaders and workers are seemingly embarrassed by who and what they are. They are acting as though they are apologetic for what is inherent in their DNA. The people in their ministry have to play the classic television game show “I’ve Got a Secret” where everyone has to work hard to determine the true identity of those standing in front of them.

This DNA that makes us who we are should be readily evident. It can’t be a secret. And, lest you think that I’m just talking about a weekend Children’s Church ministry setting, let me go on record and declare that this DNA should be seen in any and every ministry setting and opportunity, be it Sunday school, mid-week Bible clubs, pre-school classes, retreats, camps, …. need I go on?

For the next few weeks, I want to highlight our distinctives and then ask you to share these with your fellow children’s ministry workers/leaders.

1. We are a ministry passionately in love with Jesus. (“The apostles had a single purpose as they devoted themselves to prayer.” Acts 1:14, God’s Word for Today) The 120 Upper Room occupants came together to honor Jesus’ IMG_2831command and in doing so spent time connecting with Him through prayer. Like those in the Upper Room, our sole reason for gathering together must be to connect with Jesus. It’s true that there is a variety of activities that happen in our services, but all of the activities must point to Jesus. Our love for Him is seen in the beginning prayer, throughout the worship, in our teaching, and as we bring children into a relationship with Him (altar ministry). It’s Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Please note, if a child leaves your service without connecting to Jesus, the ministry has failed in its main purpose.