For those who have are connected to Billy Burns Ministries and have been readers of this blog for any length of time, you know that 99.99% of the blog entries are posted to help usher in a move of God’s Spirit. Our ministries’ sole purpose is to be an ignitor of a Holy Ghost fire that will sweep across this land. But, this morning, I sensed an urgency to deviate and share a word of encouragement. It might be directed to just one reader or maybe many of the readers from the 60+ nations who read this blog. Here is what the Holy Ghost prompted me to share …

One of my favorite portions of scripture is found in Ephesians 1 where Paul shares his prayer to and for the Ephesian church. This prayer is one that I pray for myself and those that I love. The richness of this prayer could be expounded upon for days upon days.

Today, I felt an urging to share one short phrase from this prayer. In Ephesians 1:17 Paul prays that God would grant you the spirit of wisdom and revelation. I”m sure that you will agree with me that both the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of revelation are so, so needed in our lives. But, in preparing to share with you, I felt a prompting to emphasize the spirit of revelation.

In the original Greek writing of this verse, the word translated revelation is the word apokalupsis which simply means to reveal, unveil, uncover, and disclose. In other words, Paul is telling the Ephesians that what they need is already there, it just can’t be seen.

DealA great illustration for teaching about the spirit of revelation can be given by telling about the television game show Let’s Make a Deal. At the conclusion of this show, a contestant is told to choose from one of three curtains. Behind each of the curtains is a prize. BEFORE that choice is made by the contestant, the prize behind each curtain is in place and awaiting the decision. After the choice has been made, the curtain is opened (apokalupsis) and there is a revelation of what has been awaiting the contestant.

Another illustration for the spirit of revelation uses a southern expression which says “if it was a snake, it would have bit you”.  In other words, you’re right on top of it! What you need to see is right there with you and you just don’t see it.

As I was praying this morning, I sensed that that there are many of you who are at a crossroad in your life and ministry. Decisions are pending that will shape your future and the future of those that you love. This can bring unrelenting pressure and stress. God wanted me to remind you that there is a spirit of revelation that will enable you to see what God sees. I felt a strong urging to tell you that your answer is right in front of you. It’s “behind the curtain” waiting for the curtain to drop. As the “eyes of your understanding are enlightened” (Ephesians 1:18), you will know that  you know that you know His direction.

Take a moment and turn off the computer and then open up your Bible to Ephesians 1. As you begin to read the prayer which starts in verse 17, make this a personal prayer. Every time that you see the word “you” replace it with the word “me”. And then be still before Him. He’s waiting to reveal and uncover the hidden secrets of heaven.

I apologize. This blog entry is far longer than what I normally post. But, I was careful to guarantee that each and every word was strategic. This posting was needed for TODAY.

Do me one favor. If you are the person that God directed me to post this blog for, write me at [email protected] and allow me to pray directly for you. I will count it a great honor to join arm in arm with you!