ifPerhaps you’ve played the “what if” game in your mind. By that, I mean you’ve pondered “what if …” and then began to look at different scenarios if a particular action would take place or if particular words would be spoken or if … I’m sure that you’ve played this game before. I know that I have many times.
Here’s a “what if” for you personally and/or your ministry. What if we quit treating the Book of Acts as though it is just a historical account of the birth and formative stages of the Church and instead treat it as the contemporary guide book for the life of a believer and the Church? In other words, what would your life be like if you used this guide book to set the level of expectation for your personal life to match what is seen in the Book of Acts? The same “what if” could be used in looking at today’s children’s churches and youth services and adult services. Would it be a totally different picture?
To quote something that I heard the Holy Ghost tell me some years back, “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost”. So, with this being true, let’s refer to our guide book and then individually and corporately start acting as though the Holy Ghost read about in guide book STILL wants to do those same works TODAY. Soon, we will begin to see that the Book of Acts Church isn’t historical but once again is alive and well.