It’s all too easy to get into a rut in anything that you do, be it in work, relationships, hobbies, and ministry. You’ll have to admit that you’ve either been in a rut in the past or may be in one right now. I know because I’ve been there and got and worn the t-shirt. When you are in this rut mentality and/or spiritually, you just go through the motions with little effort and little concern about the ramifications of your actions or lack of actions. Consequently, nothing of value is accomplished.

Here’s a quick reminder to get you back on course for ministry. I will declare with no reservation, it is no coincidence that you are where you are in ministry. You have been STRATEGICALLY …
* Called
* Destined
* Positioned
* Equipped

RAZEYou know that all of this is true. I’m not telling you anything that you didn’t already know. You’ve just allowed yourself to be distracted. Satan has placed obstacles in front of you to blur your vision. You have been targeted because Satan wants God’s key people (that’s you!) to lose sight of their mission and purpose. He knows that if he can cause you to spiritually and mentally “blaw-out”, you will just go through the motions of ministry and be powerless and ineffective.

Here’s something to write and post in places often seen. To talk “Texanese”, YOU ARE SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF GOD’S WILL AND PLAN. You are so, so strategic to the will of God. You and you alone could cause an explosion in the realm of the Spirit that could impact not only your church but your whole geographical area. This explosion could cause a ripple effect across your state, nation, and world. It all begins with one person (again, that’s you!) recognizing that they aren’t where they are, doing what they are doing by accident.

Born-again, blood-bought, Holy Ghost-filled child of God (for a third time, that’s you!), go minister this weekend in an awareness, confidence, and authority that will terrify the devil. Hold your head up high, push your shoulders back, and walk and talk with a “turn the world upside down” (Acts 17:6) attitude. Put the devil on notice. You’re back and ready to raze hell!