Vickie and I want to thank you for uniting with us as we fulfill our assignment to raise up children’s/student ministry leaders and workers to ignite a fire of God’s Spirit in their ministries around the globe. According to a recent article by George Barna, every single day some two million blog posts are placed on the internet. I am humbled to know that many of you week after week log onto our website to read the blog posts or have chosen to have the blog post sent directly to your email account ( Thank you.

Thank you fore believing in us and supporting us with your prayers. To the best of my knowledge, we are one of just a handful in both the classical Pentecostal denominations (Assemblies of God, Church of God, Pentecostal Holiness, Foursquare, etc.) and Charismatic circles that are traveling as evangelists with the total focus of equipping these leaders and workers to know and flow with the Holy Spirit. I know that I am one of just a very few people who week after week write a blog post that is totally focused on working together with the Holy Spirit. These blogs have been posted 52 weeks a year for over 8 years. It is an awesome privilege to both inform and remind people through these postings that TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost.

world-political-map-2000pxYou are a part of a unique network. Right now, you are connected with people from some 80+ nations who by their reading of this blog posts show that they share your passion for one last great outpouring of God’s Spirit in our children and youth. The nations include the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Kenya, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Costa Rica, Mexico, Switzerland, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Vietnam, South Africa, Latvia, …. I could go on and on.

Let’s continue this journey together, arm-in-arm, united for the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy … “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.” Remember that I am always just an email away … [email protected].