IgniteI’m loving this new season of ministry that God has provided for us. Through the teaching in our three-hour, four-session Saturday morning Ignite & Unite Conferences, children’s ministry leaders and workers are learning to know and flow with the Holy Spirit and place children on the launching pad for a journey into the realm of the Holy Spirit. Then, adults are being baptized in the Holy Spirit on Sunday mornings as I preach on It’s To Your Advantage. Add to that, on most Sunday nights, many people for the very first time are gaining revelation as I teach about the importance of praying in the Spirit. Then, we know that people that long for a move of God’s Spirit in over 80 nations are reading these weekly blog postings (this includes you!!!). Vickie and I are thrilled that we have the privilege of working together with the Holy Spirit.

While we love what we are seeing in our weekend meetings, that outpouring at our service wasn’t intended to be a one-time, never-to-be-repeated connection with God. I love how Reinhard Bonnke explains it in his book Taking Action: Receiving and Operating in the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit.

“The baptism in the Spirit was not meant to be a single, emotional event recorded in believers’ diaries. It wraps around believers permanently. The Spirit is their environment, the air that they breathe moment by moment, providing the vitality of the Christian faith.”

I’d ask you to take a minute or two for some reflection time. By the very fact that you’re reading this blog post, I’m fairly confident that one point in your life, you responded to an inner prompting and received God’s greatest gift to the Christian, the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  This next question is especially directed to those who have attended our conferences and services. Has life “happened” and its busyness made this merely an encounter rather than a close, personal relationship? (Okay … I recognize that not everyone reading this blog has been to our meetings … it’s directed to you too.) If it was, as Reinhard describes it, an event, close this blog posting and ask for a refilling or renewing of this Holy Spirit baptism. Go ahead. Do it right now. If it was the beginning of a relationship, why don’t you too close this blog posting and enjoy some time with the Holy Spirit. I’ll quit typing so that you can start right now.

(Want information about our ministry? Later, after you’ve had time with the Holy Spirit, go to www.billyburns.com and learn about our assignment and how that we can come to your church.)