Let me share with you one of the number one ingredients to seeing a move of God in your life and ministry. It’s summarized in just one word … laugh. That’s right. I’m not talking about a hee-hee, ha-ha snicker. I’m talking about having a good old-fashion, belly-wrenching, boisterous time of laughing and laughing some more until the tears of joy are running down your cheeks and you can barely breathe.

Here’s why this is important. Without reservation, I can guarantee that you’ve carefully and thoroughly looked at the way things are week after week after week. You’ve listened to the enemy that has painted a discouraging picture of the situation. You are either there or on your way to the land sung about on the old Hee Haw television program … “Gloom, despair, and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery …” You’ve exhausted everything that you know to try to remedy the situation but haven’t seen any change. Am I describing your situation?

Here is what God is doing about your situation …

“But the one who rules in heaven laughs …”
Psalms 2:4 (New Living Translation)

Did you catch that? God isn’t moved or nervous about your situation. Because God sees the situation in a totally different perspective, the heavens are filled with the sound of God laughing at the stupidity of the enemy and his futile attacks on you. My advise to you is to join God in the laughter. Speak to the situation and tell it what God says about the matter and then, if necessary, loosen your belt buckle a bit, get down on the floor, and have a rip-roaring laugh at the enemy. This infuriates the enemy because this forces him to recognize that you have chosen to believe God about what is going on.

laughterThe kids aren’t worshiping as they should? Go ahead and laugh with a resounding belly laugh. Sound convincing to the enemy. Laugh at the enemy because God sees the fulfillment of the promise “out of the mouths of babes and sucklings He has ordained praise.” (Matthew 21:16) The kids aren’t paying attention? Fill your prayer room with the sound of laughter because “God is at work” in the children’s lives. (Philippians 2:13) The kids aren’t baptized in the Holy Spirit? Laugh at the situation and the enemy because “this promise is to your children”. (Acts 2:39)

So, you’ve got my prescription. See your situation the way that God sees it and then take two pills of laughter in the morning, two more at noon, and two more before you go to bed. Try it. I guarantee the results.