God promised that He would pour out His Spirit upon our children. Vickie and I are declaring that His promise is true for YOUR children and it will happen in 2016! 

ConferenceHow can this happen? Through our 3-hour, Saturday morning Ignite & Unite Conferences, we want to train and equip those ministering in your Nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Church, Mid-Week Bible Clubs, and Student Ministries to work together with the Holy Spirit. Why is this important? We are convinced that those working in your ministries want a move of God but just don’t know how to flow with the Holy Spirit. Through the conference, we can place them on the launching pad for a move of God’s Spirit.

Here is what is covered in the conference:
* The Danger of the Status Quo
* The Holy Spirit on Assignment
* The 10 Commandments of the Supernatural
* Flowing with the Anointing

And, this is what I love the most about the conference … at the end of the morning, personal prayer over each and everyone attending. It’s during this time that the Holy Spirit begins to demonstrate His presence and the anointing intensifies!

Ignite&UniteAdvantages of hosting the conference at your church …
* It’s local … no travel
* It’s convenient … it’s just minutes from your people’s homes
* It’s Saturday morning … people aren’t taking vacation days to attend a conference
* It’s free … there is no charge to your church or those attending
* It’s game changing … your people and ministries will never be the same again!

I ask these three questions … If not now, then when? If not at your church, then where? If not your children and youth, then whose children and youth? I know that you want to see your children invading their schools and launching a revival that will sweep your city. Now is the time!

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