wigglesworthA person can’t read through the Book of Acts without having their faith stirred and passion ignited for a great move of God’s Spirit. There’s just something about reading through this book that causes a desire for us to see great things happen. We all want to see today what we read about in the Book of Acts, right? But, even while there is the stirring, there are many reading this blog that can attest to the fact that this stirring can bring great frustration because we don’t see the Book of Acts results.

Do you want to have the results seen in the Book of Acts? It’s quite simple if we will heed the wisdom given by one of my heroes.

“The Acts of the Apostles was written because the apostles acted.”
Smith Wigglesworth

Simple? Too simple? Great things happened because they acted. Maybe the simplicity has caused us to miss out on the acts of the Holy Spirit because we are too fearful to boldly take action. In other words, until we take steps of faith and do something, we will never see anything. It’s just that simple.

Dare to believe God. Do something. I guarantee that God is ready to add another few paragraphs to tell your story in the ongoing Acts of the Apostles.