If you’ve followed this blog post for any length of time, you know that I’m one million percent dedicated to raising up and equipping children’s/student ministry leaders to usher in a last day outpouring of God’s Spirit. With that in mind, after reading the blog title you might be thinking that I’ve strayed from my assignment. I guarantee that this blog post is right on target.

CIMG5060Whether you want to own up to it or not, summer is almost here. Kids are out of school. To them, the days are already becoming long and boring. No friends and nothing much to do. This combination is the perfect equation … the long hot days of summer PLUS kids being out of school PLUS being bored and lonely EQUALS the perfect way to turbo-charge your ministry and set the stage for some incredible moves of God.

How? I’m glad that you’ve asked. With summer being right on top of us and school summer vacations are days away, I am challenging you as a Sunday school teacher, mid-week Bible club leader, and children’s church/student ministry leader to get outside of the classroom or auditorium so that you can pack the summer with wild, crazy, fun events for those in your ministry. Create game nights, Two P Parties (pizza and pool), Insanity Saturdays, Laser Tag Tuesdays, I Go for Go Carts Fridays, Gross Out Saturdays, Wacky Wednesdays, etc. Create a million, billion memories with shaving cream fights. Create a human pizza with one person becoming the pizza and “enjoying” the tomato sauce, pepperoni slices (Ritz crackers), Cheese Whiz, black olives, etc, poured all o2013-08-03 11.36.56ver them. How about whipping up a ton of green slime and make a kid’s wildest dream come true. Go “old school” with three-legged races, tug of war over a mud pit, a game of Twister, etc. How about a marble tournament? Think of the memories that will be made with a watermelon eating contest followed up by a seed spitting contest.

Is this spiritual? You betcha! How does this have anything to do with ushering in a move of the Holy Spirit? I’m glad that you asked. (You’re asking great questions!) Most often, before you can connect to a child’s spirit, you must first connect to their heart. The hug as the child enters/leaves your classroom is cool and needed. But, connecting through fun is demonstrated love on steroids! Your investment of time and energy outside of your classroom will open the door for some incredible ministry inside of the classroom. Each and every laugh and memory is a stitch of thread sewing your hearts together. And once connected, the door of their heart will be opened to your ministry unlike ever before.

SwimmingBrief notes … This summer, do MANY events. This summer, do many VARIED events. This summer, do many varied CRAZY FUN events. At the expense of alienating some readers, I’ll go on record and suggest that it be 100% fun. Please don’t do a fun event followed by a Kumbaya preachy/teachy service. Build relationships. You’ve majored on the spirit for forever. Now, reach out to the soul and body. You’ll thank me!

(See, I told you that this blog post would set the stage for God to supernaturally move in your ministry.)