Just a quick reminder …

There is a generation of children and youth desperately needing someone to introduce the Holy Spirit to them and demonstrate what a passionate relationship with Him looks like. There is a generation that knows little if anything about who He is and what He has been assigned to do. Most if not all of this generation knows nothing about the benefits of having a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

hankins-5I was fortunate in my childhood and youth to have someone that introduced me to the Holy Spirit. Service after service, the Holy Spirit was welcomed and allowed to speak and demonstrate His presence through my pastor, B.B. Hankins. I often heard Brother Hankins say, “I wouldn’t cross the street without the Holy Ghost.” He “oozed” the Holy Spirit. His passion was contagious. I “caught it”. Brother Hankins’ passion became my passion.

Vickie and I have given our lives to be a B.B. Hankins to this generation. But, reality says that Vickie and I can’t be everywhere and preach to every person. Fortunately, God has strategically placed you where you are located to be your children/student’s B.B. Hankins or Billy and Vickie Burns.

There is a generation waiting on you. Will accept this challenge?